The Brief

Maison Mumm needed new content for their Summer2019 social campaign, #RoséDifferently. The concept salutes the outliers. The ones who don’t just show up, they stand out. We were asked to create a series of photos, GIFs and micro videos, which would get the nod from these nonconformists. But wait, there’s more… The content needed to work across their European, Australian and US markets; every piece of content needed to be replicated to include each market’s version of the bottle; and we only had a few days to shoot it all.


  • Creative Director: Natalie Vella
  • Shoot Director: Jade Mulvaney
  • DOP/ Videographer: Dan Walsh
  • Photographer: Ty Bradley
  • Art Director: Adi Koen
  • Props Master: Margot Mouton
  • Wardrobe Stylist: Louw Kotze
  • Make Up Artist: Evelyn Gambe
  • Video Editor: Jason Matthews
  • Photo Retoucher: Ashiq Johnson
  • Production Manager: Ntokozo Mabunda
  • Post Production Manager: Alexa Skordi

The MMMob Approach

We started by thinking of a few scenarios where champagne goes down a treat – brunches, beaches, pool parties and penthouses. MMM inserted some sass and savoir faire, and voila – we had a collection of scenes to eloquently introduce #RoséDifferently, to champagne-sippers across the world.

Our super producers drew up detailed shotlists, premeditated the setups and scouted for local locations that could be anywhere in the world. Every scenario was set up, and then played out and shot multiple times, switching out the products and localised props for each take. Stills and motion video were shot at the same time, and MMM used a rotating cast, giving each model their time to shine. Clever little production hacks like these, allowed us to shoot multiple locations in a day, get the content out quickly, and gave our client loads of units for their Euro.

Luxe Brunch

Gorilla Elevator

Rooftop Picnic

Poolside BBQ

Snorkel Bar

Beach Party



Cocktail Bar

High Tea

Art Courtyard

Toasting Hands

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