Reebok: Warrior Race

When the going gets tough, get tougher. That’s the only attitude to get you through The Warrior Race, sponsored by Reebok South Africa. Rain, mud, a river, and some military-grade obstacles, were all overcome by the rugged runners, and shot by the MMMob.

The Brief

Ever heard of a Warrior Race? It’s as intense as it sounds – brutal obstacles, energy-sapping mud at every turn, and a course designed to test your determination. Reebok, a brand which motivates and moves athletes to push past their limits, is the perfect fit for this type of event. The brand was the headline sponsor for a Durbanville-based Warrior Race and their agency, Hats & Rabbits asked the MMMob to get stuck in, capturing and disseminating the sweaty saga.

The content needed to showcase ambassadors in hardy Reebok apparel, the race itself, and the brand’s activations – including a Climbing Wall, Juice Bar and Pop-Up Store. The content had to be edited onsite, to get it from the course onto social, fast.

The MMMob Approach

Using the agency’s brief, MMM’s Creative Director took to the drawing board, shaping a storyline and concept for the content. This would be the map for our MMMobsters on the job. We recruited a team with mountains of experience on high-energy, extreme sport events for Red Bull.

The MMMob arrived early, before the first step had been tread. The installations and activations were snapped while still pristine. Our Photographer and Videographer, both fit and sure-footed, did a lap around the circuit. This allowed them to assess what the athletes were in for, and determine where they would snipe from – they also captured some shots of key Reebok branded areas, on the route.

Our sharpshooters used the shotlist as a guide, and employed experience and instinct to fill in the gaps. They dropped SD cards with the onsite Post-Prod team every 20 minutes. MMM’s Executive Producer and Creative Director worked with the Editors, to select and curate the content as it rolled in. And the ready-to-go photos and footage were given the thumbs-up by the onsite agency rep, before being streamed to their Social Team to publish.

Midway through the action, the athletes, crew and equipment faced an additional obstacle – an unexpected torrential downpour, with gale-force winds! Our team quickly fashioned waterproofing for the gear from blackbags and ponchos, and kept rolling. By the end of it all, it looked like our talent had completed the grueling track too.

The official AfterMovie was finalised just a few days later, and published within a week of the event being held.


  • Hats & Rabbits


  • ECD / EP: Thoban Jappie
  • Creative Director: Dylan Culhane
  • Photographer: Wayne Reiche
  • Videographer: Kevin Schnider
  • Photo Editor: Jason Broderick
  • Video Editor: Ewald Vorster

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