Big Concerts: Bryan Ferry

Internationally acclaimed pop/glam art rock legend Bryan Ferry, embarked on a Global Tour in 2019, and Big Concerts secured local shows for Pretoria & Cape Town.

The Brief

Big Concerts is the company behind some of the country’s biggest-ever music events. Way back in 2012, they needed some help in the sociosphere. They were on Twitter and Facebook, but the channels were more of a customer care line than a distributor of cool content. This is when the #MMMob intervened.

The MMMob came up with the idea to shoot the concerts, and broadcast the content in real-time to the brand’s social pages, to extend the hype beyond the packed stadiums. They dug the idea, and we proved our capabilities with the Linkin Park concert back in 2012. We’ve been covering their events ever since. One of these being Bryan Ferry, supported by Arno Carstens, in Cape Town.


  • Photography: Jonathan Ferreira
  • Photo Editor: Erin Wulfsohn
  • Social Copywriter: Albert Pretorius
  • Production Coordinator: Kirsti Chambers

The MMMob Approach

Capturing a concert, and getting the pics edited and up on social, all in real-time is as crazy as it sounds. For the Bryan Ferry concert we covered the legendary band’s performance, and all the supporting act.

In the pit, below the stage, we had an energetic photographer, well-versed in snapping live action. In real-time the photos were passed on to our fast-clicking Photo Editor. Once the images got the thumbs up, they were sent over to a Content Curator, Copywriter and Community Manager, who all worked remotely, captioning and publishing the visual content to the Big Concert social platforms, within minutes of being taken. This flawless flow of content production and client trust, has been built over 7 years.

The visual content captured by MMM is so close and candid, it evoked the most intense FOMO, generating awareness and ultimately driving ticket sales and attendance of future events.

Support Act: Arno Carstens

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