Antonio Banderas Secret Temptation

For three golden days, MMM was part of the entourage of the suave Antonio Banderas, capturing his every move. He was in town promoting his latest fragrance - Secret Temptation.

The Brief

Hollywood heartthrob Antonio Banderas was heading for SA shores, to promote his latest fragrance, Secret Temptation. Mobile Media Mob was approached by John Brown Media on behalf of their client, African Sales. The brief was to capture the actor’s jam-packed, 3-day itinerary and deliver the best bits as 30-second social videos while on the go, as well as a recap video.


  • Commissioner: John Brown Media
  • Video Editor: Jack Kaminski
  • Videography: Jack Kaminski
  • Videography: Tom Revington
  • Video Editor: Andrew Wessels
  • Audio – Alex Higgins

The MMMob Approach

MMM recruited a content-capturing entourage for the legendary actor, composed of a Videographer, Audio Techie and Video Editor. After thorough Pre-Prod meetings with the client, we knew exactly where the star would be when, and could start planning our team’s movements, shoot times and Post-Prod workflows.

The camera for the job, a Sony A7S – a compact DSLR which could move in & out of crowds and helicopters. And, with the addition of a solid Prime Lens kit, performed well in low light. Our Audio Techie was armed with a boom and radio mics for interviews, while the Video Editor was equipped with a mighty MacBook, running Premium Pro.

From the moment Mr Banderas touched down, our agile crew was there, capturing it all. The mobile MMMob tracked him through Airport Arrivals, meeting his adoring fans. This first video was edited, sent and signed off, by the time he arrived at his hotel.

Our nimble MMMobsters followed Antonio Banderas wherever he went. An industry event, an emotional visit to Nkosi Haven Charity and the official launch of Secret Temptation. There was a viewing of the actor’s own photographic exhibition Women in Gold, and a Gala Auction at which he auctioned off his arresting artworks to raise over R1M for Nkosi Haven. Inbetween it all there were helicopter flips and fan meet and greets. Amongst the glitz and glam, our team had to edit the videos while on the move, getting them out to the media and fans, in real time.

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