FUTURELIFE: Do you have what it takes?

Back in 2018, we hit the road with FUTURELIFE brand ambassador Ntombi Mfunzi, ahead of the Two Oceans Marathon, to capture this inspiring athlete sharing her training routine.

The Brief

The Two Oceans Marathon is an annual event hosted in the Mother City. Runners from around the country, and further afield, trek through the gruelling route, one stride at a time. You don’t just wake up and run the Two Oceans. You train for it. FutureLife, the marathon’s official nutrition sponsor, wanted to secure their spot in the competitors’ training regimes.

Iconic Media, the brand’s agency, got in touch with Mobile Media Mob to make it happen. The MMMob needed to create both Photographic and Video Content which featured the brand ambassador, Ntombi Mfunzi, alongside the key products. We were briefed only three weeks prior to race day, so had to move at a swift pace.


  • Iconic Media for FUTURELIFE


  • Executive Producer: Thoban Jappie
  • Producer: Roy Potterill
  • Creative Director: Dylan Culhane
  • Production Manager: Ali Conn
  • Film Director: Jozua Malherbe
  • Photography: Wayne Reiche
  • Videography: Daniel Walsh
  • Camera Assist: Phillip Townsend
  • Hair & Makeup: Cheryl Parker

The MMMob Approach

We hit the ground running. MMM enlisted a Film Director to create a Video Treatment, featuring the brand ambassador. The concept for the video was to get Ntombi to run through various locations – from beach, forest and mountain to urban scapes. Over the visuals, the inspiring athlete would deliver words of encouragement. The scenes would be shot in the second half of the day, to capture the action in Golden Light.

Our Creative Director worked with the treatment, to ensure the Photographic elements could be sniped from the Video scenes. These shots would be shot in parallel to the Video, to keep timelines tight.

On set, we had to keep up with Ntombi’s long strides and stamina, so we opted for a ‘run-and-gun’ style. A small, agile production team was a good fit for the multi-location, fast-paced shoot. In addition to the action shots, we also captured the frontrunner using the FutureLife products in situ, including High Protein Bars, Protein Shakes and the new Smart Drink.

The MMMob handed over the Video Footage to the agency, who took care of its Post-Prod, and MMM took care of the Post-Prod of the Photography. The content was ready for distribution, as the competitors were heading into the ‘last mile’ of their training for the marathon.

Video post-production by Iconic Media

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