BOS: The Magic of Rooibos

The MMMob got to spend a magical week in the Cederberg, exploring the source of BOS. But it wasn’t all crystal mountain pools, and fragrant walks through the veld. We were there to capture the magic, and create brand content which shared the BOS story.

The Brief

On a little patch of the South African Map, you’ll find the Cederberg. It’s the only place in the world where rooibos tea grows. Around 2013, when the MMMob first met BOS, the brand’s CEO, Creative Director and Marketing Manager told us about the source of their Tea and Ice Teas – a magical organic farm amongst the rugged cliffs and bossies of the Cederberg.

Over 5 years we worked closely with the brand, creating visual digital content for their business, and watched as a small South African brand, grew into an international success story. In 2018, BOS had secured a steady supply into France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, and had plans to make a move into the US. It was time to share with the world, the story of that untouched land where the product comes from, and communicate the brand’s dedication to sustainability, and wellness.


  • Executive Producer: Thoban Jappie
  • Exec Producer & Client Liaison: Roy Potterill
  • Creative + Art Director: Dylan Culhane
  • Videography: Ryan Jarrett
  • Photography: Hloni Coleman
  • Photography: Ockie Fourie
  • Photography: Roy Potterill
  • Video Editor: Matthew Scott James
  • Music: Tapiwa Musvosvi
  • Audio Mix & Master: Richard Vossgatter

Star Trails Timelapse Videos

The MMMob Approach

Both BOS and the MMMob knew the story all stemmed from the farm itself. It had to be the setting. This would allow the brand to authentically share the unique ecosystem, the community who live and work on the farm, and their organic agriculture processes. The campaign would be made up of long and short Video content, backed up by striking Photographic content.

We set to work, with MMM’s Creative Director taking the first stab at the Conceptual Treatment. The Magic of Rooibos was born. It was a dreamy narrative, which pictured scenic sweeps of the unspoilt location of the farm, the crop, and the people behind it all.

We were ready to shoot. At the start of the week, we sent a small crew out to the Cederberg. Space and resources were limited, so our talent had to double up on roles. Our Creative Director was also our Film Director and Art Director. Our Executive Producer, took on the roles of Client Liaison, Production Manager and Photographer. And our Cinematographer also handled Audio Recording, and Drone Videography. The trio explored the farm for a few days, capturing the cornerstone content, interviewing the people, and filming them at work.

Over the weekend, a cherry-picked group of local and global Influencers, arrived at Kilopmekaar Farm. We allowed them to experience the farm, and capture content of their own. To ensure BOS got maximum value out of enlisting the Influencers, we negotiated that our client had first dibs on the Influencer’s social snaps. The best shots would be shared by BOS on their own social channels, incentivising our guests to go all out in creating standout content. These photos, and the MMMobs photos, were also used for Print, Billboards, POS and Packaging across markets.

The farm is in a remote location, with zero network connectivity, so sharing content in real-time wasn’t an option. Instead, we enjoyed being unplugged & offline, and planned to do the sharing on return to Cape Town.

As a teaser, our Influencers flighted some of their snaps onto social media when we got back to the city. The rest of the content was held back until the Video Editing was done. The MMMob enlisted a Video Editor with strong narrative skills. Working closely with our Creative Director, he shaped the footage into films which beautifully conveyed the essence of BOS. The Influencer content coincided with the launch and rollout of the six Videos, and 300 Photos, increasing the digital footprint of the campaign.

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