Super Producers, with a killer network of creatives, who make thumb-stopping content.

We are the MMMob, a small hybrid team of Super Producers, with a legit creative network. We morph to match the project, ensuring maximum efficiency and kick-ass digital content, which is always of high quality and strategically on point.

We’ve been in business since 2012, making us OGs in visual communication, and storytelling.

The Team

Thoban Jappie

Thoban Jappie

MMMob Boss

CEO, Exec Producer


Thoban brings a gun to a knife fight, with his vast skills and industry knowledge. He was in the broadcasting biz for 20 years, producing and directing some of SA’s hippest radio stations. He also established one of Africa’s most influential sound studios, before going on to co-found Mobile Media Mob.

At MMM, he is the creative overlord of everything you see, but also has his fingers in many slices of the production pie. He champions client strategies, networks the socks off of talent, and dreams up next level digital content. He has a knack for chaperoning a concept through the production process, and making sure it comes out on the other side, exceeding all expectations.

Portrait Photography by Tyrone Bradley
Portrait Illustration & Animation by Jonathan Ferreira

Our Services

Key Services

  • Creative Production
  • Concept Development
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Post-Production
  • Talent Management
  • Real-Time Coverage
  • Production Services

Resource Network

With a killer network of creative talent, MMM can develop a campaign idea catered to your objectives. Creative Directors, Art Directors, Concept Designers, Storyboard Artists and Conceptual Copywriters, are mixed and matched to the project at hand. Got your own creative? No problem… We’ll refine it with detailed treatments and storyboards, crafting the bigger picture, into a clear POA.
Creatives need tether ropes, to keep big ideas in check. This is where Producers fit in, and we’ve got them all: Field Producers, Production Managers, Fixers, Live Producers and Line Producers. MMM’s Producers are there from the Pre-Production phase, all the way through to Post-Prod supervision. And for activations and events, MMM enlists Specialist Producers, based on the field we’re playing in.
MMM loves to flex our army of content-making talent, including some of the country’s best Directors, Videographers, and Photographers. Beyond these key roleplayers, we have allies at every level of the process: Art Department, Makeup, Stylists, Sound Recorders, Drone Pilots, Gaffers, Grips, Assistants, Video Editors, Vision Mixers, Live Show Directors… The list goes on – and MMM have them all on speed-dial.
Post-Production is a full house, including Photo & Video Editing, Sound Design, Colour-Grading, Graphics, Video Effects, Animation, Audio Mixing, Library/Original Music, Broadcast preparation, and more. MMM is based within a world-class Post-Production Facility, capable of handling every aspect of this realm. Whether you need one wizard or a team of them, we have the best in the business at our fingertips.
Most shoots need on-screen talent – from Models, Celebs and Presenters; to Actors, Extras and Influencers. Over the years, we’ve become tight with some of the country’s coolest talent. Mobile Media Mob is also here to coordinate castings for your shoot. Whoever you’re looking for, our MMMob will find them.

Find Us

We have transitioned to be fully online, with no physical offices. Drop us a line and we will be in touch.