The Brief

The Red Label Holiday packages by Flight Centre, have the ability to induce daydreams just by listing them. Thailand, Zanzibar, The Garden Route and Mauritius – see what we mean? Mobile Media Mob needed to dial up the wanderlust, with original Photo and Video content of these destinations. Part of the request, was to pair up with Influencers who could spread the sun-soaked content even further on social. 


  • Roy Potterill – Influencer and Photographer
  • Jimmy Reynolds – Cinematographer and Drone Pilot
  • Jessica Stafford – Influencer
  • Ofentse Mwase – Influencer, Cinematographer, Photography and Drone Skills
  • Lebo Lukewarm – Influencer and Photographer
  • Lulama – Influencer
  • Ross Maxwell – Videographer
  • Ewald Vorster – Field Producer, Cinematographer and Video Editor
  • Janine Lindeque – Video Editor

The MMMob Approach

MMM could only send two Influencers to each of the locations, and they needed to be more than just selfie-snappers. These Influencers needed to be able to create quality content, and have some serious social clout. We started by researching the destinations and all they have to offer, then paired the talent to the trips, and wished them Bon Voyage!

Each traveling duo had a jam-packed, 7-day itinerary, formulated by Flight Centre;  including adventures, experiences and various hotels. Along the way, they all posted about their getaway, using the campaign hashtag. 

Sun-kissed and smiling, the Influencers arrived home, loaded with incredible video content. It was all handed over to Post-Prod MMMobsters, who compiled the footage into a video for each of the destinations. Flight Centre was also in need of authentic imagery, for each of the destinations. So, included in each of the Influencer’s deals, was the task to take photos, edit them, and allow the client to make their selections. 

The result was a campaign created through real collaboration, using local talent, and leveraging existing followings.

Let’s Explore Mauritius

Let’s Explore The Garden Route

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